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Spread the Word!I have now kept this blog running since July. When I began this, I had serious doubts that I would be able to keep up the blogging – earlier attempts at writing diaries or similar has been utterly failed. I just can’t keep my interest going.

However, looking back at soon 5 months of blogging I realize I can keep it up. And I’m enjoying it. I’m broadening the topics of the blog. It’s no longer just personal diary, a travelogue or a place for my unwanted political opinions, it’s more grown up. I think.

So far, most of the readers are my closest friends and acquaintances (or maybe not even you are active readers? 😉 ). I have had some strangers showing up, checking it out, but no signs of them staying. But that’s because a blog needs to get known to be read, and it gets known by being read (yeah, I know, chicken and the egg… ). I believe that my blog is good enough for more than just my friends (oh, you are not “just” my friends, I’m sorry! I thank you for visiting the blog so loyally and that you can live with me writing in English 😉 ).

What I’m I trying to say? I wan’t to spread the word. I want this blog to get known. Maybe I’m just narcissistic or blinded by other peoples success (such as the blogs listed on Technorati’s Top 100, some of them written by normal people like you and me). But I want to make a try and gradually make this blog both into the center of all things RipperDoc (that’s me) and a blog serving readers interestingly enough rants and dissections of assorted topics.

So if you think this blog is good enough, don’t hesitate to spread the link. Link to http://blog.ripperdoc.net from your site(s). Comment in my articles and say I’m a stupid d***head and *ushlover (nothing get’s readers like a decent flamewar!). Or just comment with your thoughts. Remember, if you like it, say it to others, if you don’t like it, say it to me…

(Yeah, I’m sorry for hiring you as my advertisers for no payment at all 😉 I’ll repay you in any way appropriate, other than cash, stuff and services.)

2 thoughts on “Spread the word – the blog is mature”

  1. Well you are unlucky as I lost my password to my bloglist so I couldn’t update it on my blog~
    But I’m a faithful reader & have bookmarked your link ~~

    Interesting banner images, I should consider making one as well later~

  2. Oh, I didn’t knew you had a blog! I’ve checked it out now though, but unfortunately I can’t read any chinese yet 😉 I thank you for visiting my blog in any case! The banner images will be refined soon – they are a bit low in quality right now, and I’m going to provide some more photos. They are very easy to implement! (I presume you are talking about the top banner images?).

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