Why I suddenly want an iPod

iPod Video Yeah, those who know me know that I’ve rejected iPod before. I’m a proud owner of the “iPod-killer” from iRiver, H120, a 20 GB player with remote, optical line-in and out, recording, FM-radio, text reader and support for many file types. It has all the functions iPod didn’t have at the time I bought it (spring of 2004).

Now, things are different. The new iPod has 60 GB of storage, big color screen, video capabilites, slim design, calendar, great battery life, etc. It doesn’t record, it lacks optical interface, no FM-radio and it doesn’t come with a remote, but in the same time it’s cheap. Like $HK3000 cheap.

Yes, I admit, I’ve surfed the Apple web. And yes, I admit, Apple knows how to present a product. They know interface design and PR like no one else. It’s just stylish and you can’t help to whisper “I want that!”. Not because everybody else has it (hey, that’s a drawback!) but because it just looks good.

By now the non-materialists reading this have already asked themselves “Do he need another MP3-player? Isn’t the one he already payed good money for enough? Who would want to watch video on an iPod?”. Well. You non-materialists never understand 😉 I’ve done it before when buying my Z60m notebook (which to my great dismay still hasn’t been delivered!). I could do it again. After all, money are useless by themselves.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing my common sense. I have to examine the good sides and the bad sides. I get a cool, modern player with huge capacity. But everything that’s shiny easily gets scratched (metaphorically and literally…). I can’t use it for recording my own sound atmospheres (yes, I do that sometimes!) and I also know that even if iPod is new, there are players that are more functional. Players that can handle video much better than iPod (heck, the PSP can do that and play cool games). So, yet is nothing decided. But the spells that www.apple.com are putting on me are hard to counter… I’m even considering getting me a Mac… the voices calling – “Buy me, buy me!”

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3 thoughts on “Why I suddenly want an iPod”

  1. I agree to everything you say. The whole apple product line sreams “buy me, now” into my face… oh, I think I got to go to apple.com again and buy something -right NOW!

  2. The video ipod is pretty cool indeed.. the PSP is actually a MUCH more powerful machine (wireless! games!) but oh well. Did you know there are 1000s of videoblogs out there, with short videos perfect for the ipod? (Check http://mefeedia.com/ to find lots of them)

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