Freudianisms – is a blog erected into the already over sized forest of digital diaries. Why read this? I won’t persuade you, because I will, as I have always done, write for myself and perhaps for my friends. However, if you in spite of this are interested in Freudianisms’ topics we two apparently have something in common and I gladly salute you as a potential soul mate. Feel free to comment:

If you like it, tell a friend – if you don’t, tell me

I am a creative soul who will jump from topics of interest over and over again. Freudianisms will reflect this. And as my creativity sometimes will suffocate itself in a mayhem of self-pity, Freudianisms will stay unused with only dry spots of blood from earlier activity to meet you.

A disclaimer would be in place. I am not a common member of the blogging community. I lack my fellow community member’s endurance to keep posting, referencing and reading each others introspective rantings. At the same time, I might gladly and/or unknowingly break all the unwritten rules of blogging – I’m not much into following rules anyhow. Maybe I will grow into the community some day, but probably not.

Another disclaimer would be that I by nature dissect most subjects ruthlessly. I do not follow any political ideology – I believe in everything and nothing. I do not follow many ideologies, principles or morals at all. This means that you who follows ideologies never will know where I’m positioned – opinion-wise. I could seemingly change opinion overnight.

This blog is also multi-lingual. I’m a native Swedish speaker but due to my traveling and international friends English is the preferred language of this blog. Adding to this, parts of me is very fascinated by languages – I might as well write a post in really bad cantonese – who knows. I’m sure you will be able to pick your posts in concurrence with your language preferences. And feel free to criticize my language – I’m always willing to learn.

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