The plague of customizing

Well, setting up web based software is starting to get real easy. Upload a package, write a config file and run a install file – something like that. One can forget the hassle with SQL-queries, running any executables on the system itself and manually modifying code-crammed files.

However, a new problem is arising. The software is so damn complicated! Each one is followed by a set of acronyms and jargon, loads of communities, wikis, FAQ:s and doc pages. Now you have to spend hours getting used to the user interface, not to mention the anxiety of choosing between hundreds of themes and plugins spread over dozens of web sites.

I have been doing this for months with the eminent CMS Mambo (which in my opinion, handles installation of plugins a bit better) and now with WordPress. I mean, all CMS and blogging software developers boast of their products being installed within 5 minutes. But no self-respecting web publisher would be satisifed with running the standard template, with standard options and no funky plugins. Even though my intended public for this blog mostly is close friends of mine wanting to follow my crazy escapades in Hong Kong, I feel this demand on my shoulders … the plague of customizing.

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