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EngravingSo I’m getting close to a decision of actually buying the iPod. My younger brother showed interest in acquring, for a certain sum of money, my iRiver H120 which would cover some of the expenses. And for different reasons, such as the Chalmers scholarship for my studies abroad, I feel rich.

Given that I decide to buy the iPod Video in spite of it easily getting scratched, I have one important decision still to make: what engraving will I use for the back of the iPod? As you probably know, Apple offers free laser engraving of two lines of text with 27 characters each – to personalize.

So, I must have a unique engraving. That’s why I’m asking for your support. Please suggest engravings of any kind, because I need all the input I can find. If you need inspiration, you can always look at the Rejected iPod Engravings here :). Putting in a “RipperDoc” somewhere in the engraved text would be nice, though. And to start you off, I already have a suggestion:

Okey, my previous suggestion was bad :)
So I’ll randomly post some more!

– RipperDoc –
Inspire me!

If you can read this…
Get out of my pocket!

Salve me
Mea culpa

This is not a scratch

Size matters – it’s this big:

Corny suggestion? Give me something better 😉

7 thoughts on “iPod engravings”

  1. How about ‘Putting in a “RipperDoc” somewhere in the engraved text would be nice, though.’ 😛 [Anyways, I personally think a sexist-ish solution would be a somewhat dull solution… it’s your iPod, though, of course… *shrugs*]

  2. The iPod is a nice piece of hadware, but iTunes is a pain in the ass (major!) on Windows, as it is non-standardized with the Windows way of doing things. Sucky-sucky-big time.

  3. maija: I wrote that it was a corny suggestion, right? :) So come on, give me something better instead! 😉

    Marco: Yep, I know. I’ve already tried using iTunes for my Motorola ROKR phone. Horrible program, but I can’t let that decide about the iPod. But still – I’m not sure about the iPod. There are considerable drawbacks in several areas…

  4. I know you said that – and I did give you an absolutely brilliant alternative… 😉 (oh well, it would be brilliant if it didn’t have ~80 characters…shit happens) Referring to your previous message(s), what about “to hell with iPod”, then… :)

  5. How about:
    “I’m to dump to make up a good text myself.” The self reflective.
    “I paid 3000HK$ and all I got is this stupid iPod.” The classic.
    “Z60.nogo.se: Check. iPod: Check. Beer for the evening: Damn!” Bad memory.
    “Touching me is ok, but keep your fingers from my iPod!” A stupid one had to be in this list, right? 😉

    OK, but now I really have to finish my assignment… 😉

  6. Welcome, and thanks :) But I’m actually considering having no engraving at all at the moment. I mean, how often would I look at the back side of my iPod?

  7. If you can’t think of anything, you might aswell put you’re name on it – most iPods look the same so it could be useful. And on the second line maybe the date you recieved it.

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