Alfred Launcher Cheat Sheet Desktop Background

I’ve lately been trying to use the gorgeous Alfred application, a new alternative to the good old Quicksilver. It’s at it’s most basic an application launcher (type a shortcut and type the application name to launch it). However, Alfred manages to do a lot more, such as controlling the music player, browsing your file system, searching for files, sending emails, etc.

Unfortunately, I often find myself forgetting to use Alfred as I cannot seem to remember the keyboard shortcuts. An application launcher’s strength lies in the speed, and if you have to lookup shortcuts all that speed is lost. I realized that to give Alfred a fair chance, I need to properly learn the codes first. So I created a desktop background from the online cheatsheet. (I found an older cheat sheet as desktop background here but Alfred gets new features quickly so I made on from the latest version).

Alfred Cheatsheet as Desktop Background