Ny blogg: Flygmil.se

Vill bara tipsa alla svenska läsare där ute, som dessutom gillar att resa, att jag startat en ny blogg på ämnet vid namn: http://www.flygmil.se.

Enligt beskrivningen:

Välkommen till Flygmil, bloggen där vi tillsammans delar tips och tricks för allt om resor, flygmil, bonuspoäng och andra erbjudanden. Här har du chansen att lära dig hur man utnyttjar sina flygresor maximalt, hur man sparar pengar, tjänar poäng, får privilegier och i allmänhet gör det bästa av sin restid.

Det handlar förstås om att jag vill dela med mig av det jag lärt mig om att resa mycket och samla flygmil eller bonuspoäng – för att få guldkort och bonusresor, exempelvis. Jag har noterat att även om det finns många sajter på engelska om ämnet så finns det i stort sett inga på svenska.

Eftersom jag har så många andra projekt på gång så är min princip för flygmil.se att bara skriva till den när jag själv reser – finns mycket dötid i lounger, gater och flygplan som man kan utnyttja. Smart, inte sant? 😉

Feeding on the web – RSS

I guess most of my readers actually already know what RSS and feeds is, so this is not an explanation of that, really. If you don’t know a thing about feeds or RSS, go check out Wikipedia. Basically, feeds just summarize web pages and get “sent” to your aggregator, i.e. the program or web site you use to read it.

I’ve used the online feed reader Google Reader ever since I started using feeds. The good thing is that it’s reachable from any computer, no matter where I am, in the same way as I read my email with Gmail.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand the feeds. What is the difference between bookmarking a site and visiting it now and then, to getting updates sent to a feed reader? Well, according to my experience, bookmarks are almost never used. You bookmark, and then you forget. With a feed reader, you just add the address, and then you get updates sent wether you remembers it or not. In the end, you almost only need to use one program / one website to access the web. And if you get bored with a feed – i.e. you find yourself not bothering to click on it – just delete it and forget it.

So now I’m at the point where I try to convince you who haven’t started using feeds. It simplifies the web, not complicates it. If you use the web seldom, or can’t be bother keeping track on all sites and URL:s and blogs, use feeds. Just go to them once, plug in the address, and forget it. You will be reminded when needed by your feed reader. Go ahead and register with Google Reader if not already!

To keep up to date with this blog, just plug in the address: http://blog.ripperdoc.net/feed.

Seth Godin used my photo in his TED conference talk

Ok, this is so random I just have to share it with you guys. When I visited Beijing, now a couple of years ago, I took this picture in a Beijing park:

All the things not to do...

It’s a funny sign! Then, today, I listened to a talk by Seth Godin (and here, his personal website). The talk was held at a TED conference, but published online so I watched the video. Suddenly, in one of his slides, my photo pops up, to my great surprise. I mean, Seth is a famous guy, a good speaker, and TED is a great conference. Don’t believe me? Check the below screenshot, or click it to go straight to the video:

Seth Godin on Youtube

This if fun of course! The only nagging problem is that I was never notified of this, and I was not attributed. My photo is Creative Commons, with Attribution as part of it. That would be a link, name, etc. But I never see those attributions in slide images. I guess it is a grey zone… If Seth wants more photos from me, I will happily provide them if he asks first 😉

UPDATED: Seth contacted me and explained how he got the photo. Apparently, it’s being spread around without attribution. Ah well, I’m still happy my photo was used :). Thanks Seth!

My new cyberpunk, scifi and future Tumblr blog


You know, I spend a lot of my time online looking for inspiration in the areas of (post-)cyberpunk, neopunk, scifi, futurism, etc. As a writer of cyberpunk games, it is of course natural, but I do it more out of habit and interest.

In any case, I felt there was no good blog around this topic. The material I find are from a large number of sources. A few dedicated scifi blogs, but still lacking the more cyberpunky parts. So, I felt it was time to create one. It now resides on the extremely simple blogging system Tumblr. The link is:


I gave it the name of ripperdoc’s clinic, which until recently was the name for the blog you are now reading. I felt a name switch was more appropriate! This blog is just my own thoughts and links, whereas the other is that of my alter ego, ripperdoc. So, if you are interested in links, videos and photos with inspiration about the future, start following ripperdoc’s clinic.