My new cyberpunk, scifi and future Tumblr blog


You know, I spend a lot of my time online looking for inspiration in the areas of (post-)cyberpunk, neopunk, scifi, futurism, etc. As a writer of cyberpunk games, it is of course natural, but I do it more out of habit and interest.

In any case, I felt there was no good blog around this topic. The material I find are from a large number of sources. A few dedicated scifi blogs, but still lacking the more cyberpunky parts. So, I felt it was time to create one. It now resides on the extremely simple blogging system Tumblr. The link is:

I gave it the name of ripperdoc’s clinic, which until recently was the name for the blog you are now reading. I felt a name switch was more appropriate! This blog is just my own thoughts and links, whereas the other is that of my alter ego, ripperdoc. So, if you are interested in links, videos and photos with inspiration about the future, start following ripperdoc’s clinic.

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