Seth Godin used my photo in his TED conference talk

Ok, this is so random I just have to share it with you guys. When I visited Beijing, now a couple of years ago, I took this picture in a Beijing park:

All the things not to do...

It’s a funny sign! Then, today, I listened to a talk by Seth Godin (and here, his personal website). The talk was held at a TED conference, but published online so I watched the video. Suddenly, in one of his slides, my photo pops up, to my great surprise. I mean, Seth is a famous guy, a good speaker, and TED is a great conference. Don’t believe me? Check the below screenshot, or click it to go straight to the video:

Seth Godin on Youtube

This if fun of course! The only nagging problem is that I was never notified of this, and I was not attributed. My photo is Creative Commons, with Attribution as part of it. That would be a link, name, etc. But I never see those attributions in slide images. I guess it is a grey zone… If Seth wants more photos from me, I will happily provide them if he asks first 😉

UPDATED: Seth contacted me and explained how he got the photo. Apparently, it’s being spread around without attribution. Ah well, I’m still happy my photo was used :). Thanks Seth!

3 thoughts on “Seth Godin used my photo in his TED conference talk”

  1. Seth Godin should really know better, I personally would pull him up about it. The least he should be doing is Attributing especially if you have a CC tag on it…

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