Yes, now I am officially a tourist. My student visa expired and I made a trip to Shenzhen (in China, just across the border) to get this tourist visa to Hong Kong. Not much of a trip, me and Shirley didn’t do much more than walk around and watch a movie – just killing some time and taking it easy.

And a week ago, there was the Tuen Ng Festival, also called The Dragon Boat Festival. We went to Stanley to see the races in all their glory. It was moderately interesting and very humid. But a nice thing to visit in any case! Instead of elaborating further, I’ll just give you a few picks from the photos I took. See the rest at my gallery.

Dragon Boat
In distance The Crowd Female lure for rowing men Dragon boat panorama

Shenzhen and HK
Ticketing frenzy Macro chop Evil bunny Twins

2 thoughts on “Touristing”

  1. Jag gillar dina bilder! Både här och på flickr. Jag kanske bara inbillar mig, men jag tycker att de blivit bättre och bättre =)

  2. De borde ha blivit bättre, tänk på att jag inte haft en egen kamera sedan jag skaffade den här. Jag tycker jag lär mig ngt litet varje gång jag fotograferar. Snart får jag skaffa systemkamera! :)

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