There was a thunder…

A powerful thunderstorm and rainstorm struck Hong Kong yesterday. It rained so much that schools closed for a while during the day. In the evening, the thunder came over our university, and it was very powerful. Crazy about thunderstorms as I am, I went out hunting with my camera and an umbrella. The results:

Aslo, some frames from the video as photos:
KAZAPP Before and During Frames of Lightning II Frames of Lightning I

As a bonus, I also took the time to compile some clips of chinese TV I recorded when I was in Beijing last year. Enjoy. even though the quality is horrible.

2 thoughts on “There was a thunder…”

  1. Läskigt =)

    När kommer du hem till Sverige? Just nu skulle nog till och med du trivas – underbart sommarväder! Jag håller på att smälta bort =P

  2. Jag kommer den 16:e, även om jag då snart fortsätter till Danmark. Helt i Sverige är jag vid midsommar. Jag hoppas att Sverige visar sin bästa sida nu när jag förärar lilleputtlandet med mitt besök 😉

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