Fighting Firefox

UPDATE: After making a clean install the problems with logins are solved, so far. But I had to scrap most of my profile. I don’t particularily like to do clean installs so I’m not happy, but at least I don’t have to use IE. Now, let’s just see what can be done about the memory requirements.

Okey, now I’m starting to get irritated. Firefox has done all in it’s power to make me switch back the latest months…

First it ate all my memory and processor power. I installed and uninstalled extensions and managed to get rid of the high CPU use, but not the memory troubles. Lately, I’ve been runing Firefox in safe mode most of the time, which “only” uses 100 MB. But ’tis not all…

Suddenly, a few weeks ago, I couldn’t log into my Mambo CMS installation. I was just thrown out for some reason (something with sessions, I presume). A few times I could get in, but mostly not. However, in Internet Explorer, no trouble at all!

It got worse, however. Recently, Firefox updated itself to I think that this is when I suddenly couldn’t get into WordPress anymore! I had to blog from Internet Explorer, oh the horror… the symptoms were the same – when logging in I get thrown back to the login form without further notice. Clearing the cookies did not help… And still, it eats all my memory, even when using a few of those hacks that have been thrown around the net. So I’m writing this in IE.

IE is not a good browser, it’s really bad. But it doesn’t crash, it handles Active X, and it has a small system footprint (or it’s hiding it well). I have successfully managed to use a portable version of FF a few days, so my last resort now is to just make a very clean install of Firefox, including removing my profile. It’s the last chance. I was of the opinion that open source is good at solving bugs. Am I just the unlucky one, or do people keep quiet about FF errors because of the widespread fanboyism?

(By the way… for a moment I thought Internet Explorer 7 would be the solution to all my problems, but installing the beta made me disappointed to say the least – all Mambo sites got badly disfigured by IE7, I sure hope this is because of the “beta”, not because of yet more Microsoft stupidity.)

3 thoughts on “Fighting Firefox”

  1. I have no idea really about the exact changes for IE7, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all the IE-specific hacks people have been using backfire now that IE’s supposedly supports CSS correctly. Oh the irony (if it’s true).

  2. It is true, from what I’ve heard. But if people code without browser check, the hacks should only apply to browsers unable to render the normal code. That is, IE7 should display it as FF does.

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