Yes, I need another one :-P

nullSo, I’m now a proud owner of yet another laptop computer. This time it’s a real monster computer, IBM Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m, but let me first motivate this decision, which cost me in the neighbourhood of 12500 HKD/SEK.

Well. There’s not much reason. I was persuaded by my new found friend Patrick. I don’t need another computer, but it was so cheap! I couldn’t resist the offer. A widescreen laptop capable of playing the latest games for such a low price! It’s not even available in the rest of the world for a couple of months. To hell with my 1-year-old leased IBM T41 (which I still have to pay for). Call me crazy, but I had to do this. I mean, I can actually use the computer during this year and then probably sell it with profit when I get back to Europe!

So, the computer? You want to know more about it? It is too new to be found on the IBM web site, so here it is:

Processor Intel® Pentium® M 760 2.0GHz
L2 Cache 2MB L2 cache / Intel® 915PM
Memory 1024MB DDR2 RAM
Hard Disk 80GB disk (5400 rpm)
Optical DL DVD±RW Multi-burner (2X Max.)
Display 15.4″ TFT WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
Graphics ATI Radeon x600 (128MB)
Communication Modem, LAN, 802.11b/g
Media 3 x USB2.0, S-video out, SD slot,
3-1 card reader, IEEE 1394, IR, VGA
Weight 6.0 lbs (6.6 lbs)
Dimensions 14.1″ x 10.3″ x 1.6″
Battery Life 4 hrs
Warranty 3-year international warranty

8 thoughts on “Yes, I need another one :-P”

  1. Du vill bara göra mig avis! Men sedan såg jag att det är en IBM. ,-)

    (okay dårå – jag är avis… jag vill också konsumera!)

  2. Okej, rätt okej innehåll. Bra för de pengarna antar jag. Lite för stor för min smak. ~12″ ska det ju vara! :)
    Ha inte sönder den med en gång nu. :)

  3. I will write a thorough review of it, however it hasn’t been delivered yet (to my great dismay). As I’ve understood it, the model is so new that I won’t be ready from the factory until october. So return here in a month and I’ll hopefully have a review freshly served!

    (I can in advance say that I’m now using an IBM T41, and that I’ve had no problems with it except problems getting USB 2.0 to work. So in my opinion, IBM in general has both really good keyboards and displays.)

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