The consumer heaven

As rumored, Hong Kong is the consumer heaven, no question about it. Let me elaborate:

  1. It’s cheap
  2. There are stores everywhere you look
  3. The stores are almost always open, many at night

For example, consider the following price examples (note that some of these prices only apply to me as a student in HKUST):

  • An IBM T43 Notebook for ~10 000 HKD (10 000 SEK or 1 000 €)
  • A BigMac Meal for ~ 20 HKD (20 SEK or 2 €)
  • A McDonald’s ice cream for 2 HKD (~ 2 SEK or 0.2 €)
  • Call from Hong Kong mobile to (most) other countries for 0.25 HKD/min (0.25 SEK or 0.025 €)
  • A bus ride for ~ 5 HKD (5 SEK or 0.5 €)
  • A decent shirt for ~50 HKD (50 SEK or 5 €)
  • A computer cable for ~10 HKD (10 SEK or 1 €)
  • A can of beer for ~ 3 HKD (3 SEK or 0.3 €)
  • A (pirated) DVD movie for ~ 8 HKD (8 SEK or 0.8 €)

Even though all these cheap prices, other stuff are still expensive (or the same price as in Sweden). For example, taking a beer or eating out is priced as in Sweden. Many mobile phones sell for the same price as in Sweden, although without the need to get a long subscription. Many ordinary foodstuff bought in an ordinary supermarket is priced in the same way as a cheap Swedish supermarket (although milk is more expensive!). But all in all it’s much more cheaper to live here than in Sweden, and I eat two or three meals out per day. Even though electronics of well-known brands aren’t that much cheaper the range of products is much greater.

I have yet only tasted the shopping experience in Hong Kong and I have still a lot to explore, like bargaining, going to night markets or visiting the largest shopping centras. What I miss is online shopping, but maybe I haven’t found the right web site yet.

If you want anything ordered from Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to contact me :-)

5 thoughts on “The consumer heaven”

  1. Första reaktionen blir ju: Vad gör vi här??? Här är allt svindyrt! Nästa gång jag reser ska jag välja ett billigt ställe så man kan lyxa sig lite (inte bara sol och bad-lyx alltså 😉 )

  2. Why you still need to shop online in Hongkong??!

    You can get all you need by walking doen to the streets, even faster than going online in our city~
    We ONLY shop online when there’s SARS in 2003!

  3. 770, welcome to my blog! I’m not that used to the Hong Kong style of shopping (read more about that in ). But I would gladly learn – however it feels like you have to know all the “secret places”, all the best shops, best stuff and best prices. I am not that experienced yet! Feel free to contact me ( if you have any tips :)

  4. Eeeeek, lagom, lagom. Annars är mitt favoritresmål Peking på den fronten. Där har jag råd med allt jag vill ha. Sen gäller det att ta sig dit också.

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