Must-have freeware apps for your Windos Mobile Pocket PC

I have had my Eten M600 for almost 9 months now, and I am still a happy customer. It is true that when using Windows Mobile, you have a full fledged computer in your pocket. However, what dents this truth a little is that the PocketPC and Windows Mobile software market is a jungle – a jungle full of small pieces of $20 software from no-name companies. The open source revolution has not yet arrived in the pocket. With some searching, however, it is possible to find a couple of must-haves and almost-must-haves free pieces of software, and I will share with you what I have currently installed on my device:

  • Adobe Reader for Pocket PC – a must have to read PDFs, such as e-books. The program is a bit bloated though.
  • Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC – lets you play flash games and flash movies from your device, however, it doesn’t always work together with the browser.
  • MiniMo – the pocket version of Firefox. However, the MiniMo is just version 0.016 in the time of writing, so expect bugs. Opera offers a much more stable Opera 8.60 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, but it doesn’t really count as it is a 30-day trial version, and we all know trial versions are very unfashionable.
  • S-Tris 2 – a glossy and cool Tetris clone, completely free, from Elements Interactive Games.
  • PocketDict – a good, freeware English dictionary application that can be fitted with any dictionary, as long as it is in the right format. It comes with the OPTED, a public domain version of Webster’s 1913 Unabridged English dictionary.
  • PocketPuTTY – everybody needs SSH for the PocketPC, right? In any case, here is the free version for your PDA.
  • btCrawler – not extremely useful but fun. It searches the vicinity of Bluetooth devices and lists them. The best part, is however, that you theoretically can download information from other Bluetooth devices without their users approving. Try it, but be responsible 😉
  • PHM Registry Editor – a decent and free alternative to the famous Resco Explorer.
  • Freak Othello for Pocket PC – okey, I’m far from an Othello expert, but this game is hard to beat! I have yet to meet anyone that can put up a decent fight against the AI of this game, and that on the Amateur level! If you beat this game, you are officially an Othello expert!
  • Virtual Earth Mobile – even though Google Maps should work with your device, you can try this stand alone program that fetches map data from Microsofts Virtual Earth, now Live Local. UPDATE: Windows Live Search is just released. Sounds like it would be Virtual Earth and more in one package.
  • Orneta FTP for Pocket PC – an FTP app, if you need it. Only the 1.0.3 version seems to be freeware, you have to pay for the never version.
  • Skype for Pocket PC – a must have application if it’s not already pre-installed (Eten has it pre-installed). The quality is as good as GSM, and it just works!
  • MiniStumbler – if you are lucky, MiniStumbler will work with your WiFi-card. It is the Pocket PC version of the famous NetStumbler, used for mapping WiFi-networks and for wardriving.
  • WiFiFoFum – if above software won’t work for you, try the WiFiFoFum, that boasts even more features, such as a “radar” view that maps in which directions transmitters are (although some basic testing showed that there is a lot of inaccuracy, almost too much).
  • The Core Pocket Media Player – THE media player for Pocket PC – certainly a must have.
  • Weather Watcher – “your personal weather station”. Thanks eimmo1 for the tip!

Others have also tried finding good and free software, so if you still hunger for more freeware, take a look here:

And while I’m at it – if you are as lucky as me and owns a Eten M600, you can find all the needed information at the Eten User Forum. In particular, you find the latest ROMs, as well as a sometimes needed patch for low volume.

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