Crazy web hosting! (with DreamHost promo code)

I have been a customer of web host DreamHost for a while now, but I haven’t used their services for any useful sites yet. So I am thinking if I really should bother with continuing my subscription. Seems like DreamHost just made the decision for me: they just multiplied all customer disk quota and bandwidth with 10! Yes, I now have 200 GB of available disk space, and 2240 GB in bandwidth! Crazy indeed – the disk space itself is worth the same as I pay them annually. In addition, they have built-in support for Rails, PHP5, MediaWiki to mention a few – while most hosts still use the same old PHP 4.3 and MySQL 3. Shameless ad: use the promo code RIPPERDOC when buying hosting and get $50 dollars discount. Contact me for details. Try it out!

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