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DreamhostA week ago I signed up for a new web hosting plan. Why? I don’t particularly need it, as I already have a hosting service payed that’s working with no problems. So why? I took a look of the features of Dreamhost, and I got baffled. I’m weak for features and high specs, that’s what I live for. So I went out and bought me one year of hosting. This is quoted from

FREE domain registration
UNLIMITED domains hosted
UNLIMITED subdomains
20 GB Disk, 1 TB Transfer
3000 Mailboxes, 75 Shell/FTP Users

What will I use this for? Well, we’ll see soon enough. If my ambitious plans will be fulfilled I will need that 1 TB bandwidth. Until then, I will migrate my current sites over to Dreamhost, as well as testing out features and developing with, for example, Ruby on Rails. But now to the more exciting part: as I have 20 GB to spare, I welcome any of you loyal readers to share this. Just contact me and I will offer you (almost) whatever space/etc you need. For example, you want an online file storage available through your Windows Explorer (using WebDAV)? Or somewhere to host your site? I won’t charge you anything for this of course :). But if demand is high, which I guess is improbable, I will have to be restrictive. I should also mention that I only have one year of subscription so far and that I might or might not pay for a continuation.

It doesn’t end here. If you, like me, get butterflies in your stomach at specs like the one I quoted, you also should join Dreamhost. Yes, this is a bit of advertising I’m doing for them, but with all the reason. They happen to have a smart referral system. Basically, I can offer you a $50 (USD) discount if you sign up. And while you do this, I myself get a $47 reward! The best thing is you can refer others and get the same rewards as me, or more!

Still interested? Just do this. Go to Dreamhost, and sign up for an account. Chose any subscription plan you like, but I took the cheapest one (“Crazy Domain Insane”) for one year, which equals to around $120 before discount. IMPORTANT: Before checking out, enter the following promo code: RIPPERDOC and verify that you get the $50 discount.

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  1. Själv skulle jag registrera domännamnet idag när de släppte sifferdomännamn. Det lyckades dock inte – nån annan hann före =( Typiskt! =( =(

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