O Brother, Where art thou?

‘Oh Brother’ is referring to me. It’s not about the movie. It sounded nice. It’s just a quote!

The exams are finally over. They went, well, okey. The first when one well (it was corrceted in five hours! Good work, professor). The second one was somewhat like being hitten unconcious with a really big image matrix, slowly being draggen through a field of really sharp gradients and finally divided by zero. In frequency domain. In other words, it didn’t go well!

But today I’m happy, because I just had a really wonderful date with a wonderful girl. Finally a girl that don’t complicates things more than necessary. We’re going to have dinner tonight. I’m looking forward to it! Rest assured I’ll be back posting here soon about other matters of life.

1 thought on “O Brother, Where art thou?”

  1. Jag gillade verkligen din beskrivning av tentan! =D
    Hoppas middagen blir/var lika trevlig som du hoppades! =)
    Jag ska just på en revy på min gymnasieskola. Skall bli intressant. Får se om internskämten ändrats så mycket att man inte längre känner igen dem…

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