God Hates iTunes (for Windows)

Okey, I admit, I don’t know God’s opinion in this particular issue, but I know my own! iTunes is a good idea, but really badly done. So to me, I can’t grasp why there are so many iTunes fanatics out there! These are the errors or disturbances of my iTunes:

  • Steals focus in even intervals when doing something, maybe each minute. Very irritating.
  • Sometimes very slow and unresponsive
  • Few settings
  • Stores songs on the iPod in a non readable format
  • Uses Digital Rights Management
  • Can’t read all my ID3-tags, although my ID3-editor and Winamp can
  • Converts my pictures to a stupid iPod format which takes lot’s of space on my harddrive as cache.
  • To make it work, I have to have all my music on my harddrive AND on my iPod. The best would be to only have it on the iPod (making iTunes obsolite).
  • Lacks any form of decent batch operations on ID3 tags.
  • Recognizes very few file formats, especially for video.

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