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iPod is here!So, I finally succumbed. I’m now officially one of Apple’s bitches (if you pardon the expression). I have the iPod Video Black 60GB right here on my desk. Before I move on to the initial impressions, let’s just complain a little about the time it took to actually get the darn gadget.

I ordered it during a late night last week. The Hong Kong version of AppleStore was promising shipping within 24 hours. And according to the order details, this was true as it was shipped very soon. However, somewhere about there the nice things stopped. Firstly, they offered no tracking details for the package – when clicking track packages I just got to the normal order details. Secondly, the delivery time was more than their estimated 3-4 days – it was more like six business days after shipping. Thirdly, for some mysterious reason, Apple omitted the middle line of my supplied shipping address – effectively confusing the Hong Kong Post. I’m sure they looked like question marks when they saw the address:

Rm 412, Tower B
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

I mean, it’s not like there are only a few towers to choose from in Clear Water Bay :) Anyway, the HK Post called me and got one package through – which happened to be only the Universal Dock. Boy, had I fun with that dock yesterday! I mean… I didn’t even have the cable to connect it with, so I could just place it different places on the desk and, well, look at it. I recommend it for any bored soul out there. Anyway, today it arrived with a delivery…

First impressions? It looks so good, it’s very thin but it’s heavy. For me that’s almost a positive thing – heavy means quality to me, it means it’s not just a piece of cheap electronics and plastic. The packaging looks almost as expensive and stylish as the iPod itself – they put a lot of effort into it!
iPod is here!

Next impression is to connect it to the computer. And there the trouble begins, because my computer has buggy USB 2.0 support, and iTunes is a major pain in the ass for control freaks like me. I’m not going into all the flaws of iTunes – or rather the imposed limitations – but it’s basically about the awkvard interface and the restrictions on file management. The optimal thing would be to just transfer the files in Windows Explorer and then have a program that can synchronise it all – if I want. I’m sure I’ll get used to iTunes sooner or later, or alternatively find another program to do the work.

And if this isn’t Christmas enough for me – on this Sunday my Z60M finally will be delivered, after two months of delay! Read more about it at z60.nogo.se.

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