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A short note on what’s happening. I have lots and lots of draft blog entries not yet published but I lack either the time (not really true) or the motivation (more true) to publish them. But I promise a series of dissections of everything Hong Kong, so that you guys and gals that haven’t been here yet understand what place this truly is… or what I think it is.

There is a mystery...In the mean time, I can happily conclude that I and my good old friend Paul have started a new creative project. It will become a horror scenario to be played in gaming conventions some time next year. I will not spoil anything yet, as some of my readers here might want to play the scenario, but I can drop some keywords: lighthouse, Scotland, Christmas, St Flannan, chapel, storm, oilskin, candles. The scenario will probably be written in English so that more might enjoy it (in Sweden it will of course be played in Swedish). And for you who don’t get what I mean with scenario and gaming – this is about free form roleplaying, a kind of interactive theatre or storytelling. (Let us know if you would be interested in collaborating in this project).

It really feels good to have a partner in creative work (especially when I and Paul almost always are on the same frequency – unfortunately not on the same continent). I wished I knew more people to sit down with over a cup of coffee and for hours discuss details in a fictional story or just create. It’s hard enough finding like minded creators in Sweden, and Hong Kong hasn’t been better so far in this aspect.

And one more thing. I stumbled over Star Wreck – In the Pirkinning. I’m not that much into either Finnish movies or Star Trek parodies, but I downloaded it because I had nothing better to do (yeah, sure). And I was amazed – it’s basically a bunch of guys like you and me who decide they want to make a movie – and they succeed! They make really cool effects, they try to act and all in all, I’m very impressed. It inspires me – because if they can pull this thing off I can too. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so impossible to actually make a film… those kind of eye-opening experiences are always a pleasure!

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  1. *sitter i en datorsal i skolan och undviker effektivt allt jag borde göra* Men jag har i alla fall en simulering med robotar som rör sig i flock… gäller bara att överföra det till det riktiga projektet. *suck*

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