Games truly

I can’t ever see myself in a life without games! May it be logically challenging games (board games), humorous games (most games), simulations (i.e. computer games, roleplaying games), games where you act or re-enact or just games where you meet new and nice people, I will forever be true to it.

One of my biggest concern of getting abroad was actually not playing games (especially roleplaying games). How would I cope with not game mastering each week, with not constantly having a plot to develop, with not meeting all the gaming friends. To my great luck, I can now report that also Hong Kong can be a home for games – and thus is my mental sanity for the year secured!

A game with aliens

It was when I and my german friend Patrick walked through the atrium, passing all the temporary booths that the different student associations used for promotion, that we by chance stopped at the gaming society. Me and Patrick had already realized that we both enjoyed games, so we quickly took the step and joined the society. This I haven’t regretted once since then. Four hours of gaming each tuesday as well as a lot of very friendly and enthusiastic chinese gamers to socialize with.

Some of the gaming association's games

So far I’m content with just trying out the gaming associations’s big assortment of board games, but sooner or later I must try to gather a session of roleplaying. Even though this could be a complete disaster, with big language problems, different expectations and completely different styles of gaming, it would certainly be worth the try. The dream would be to “discover” a couple of guys or gals down here that see roleplaying in the same way as me – as story telling rather than a game.

I’m not there yet, but I will certainly keep you posted. This can only get better.

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