Plugins wanted – dead or alive

I will keep this short, partly because I really should be sleeping by now, and partly because I shouldn’t let myself write a novel or two about the things that agitate me (which otherwise easily can happen :) ).

So, what’s the problem? The latest days I’ve surfed around a lot in an effort to find smart and neat plugins for this blog. What I want is the following things:

  • An easy interface to add images and thumbnails to my post . The images are stored at my Flickr account. I would rather not copy long URL:s, write my own image HTML-tags and manually resize images.
  • Show the location for each post – that is where I was when I wrote it. It should be a non-intrusive link or icon that when clicked shows a map of the location.
  • Show the current weather of my last know location as well as local time.
  • Show two times for each post – the time it was written in my local time, and that same time in the readers local time (okey, not a very useful feature, but anyways).
  • A simple filtering possibility for the reader, so a reader can filter the blog according to categories or language. Should be as simpe as possible, and should also remember the choice through a simple cookie.

Sounds simple? Well, for me it’s not. Although extensive searching I haven’t found anything that could do one or more of the things I listed. And on top of that, to really know what other plugins are doing you often have to go through tiresome install processes and some lines of PHP-coding to get it to work.

If you, dear reader, could find anything that would fit my wishes, don’t hesitate to comment here and save me a lot of anguish. Or, if you would write the software for me I would be even more happier 😀 And yes, I know I can write it myself. I have planned to do so. But my motivation for programming is as always low and I rather not re-invent the wheel – or even parts of it.

Acutally, if someone with more l33t Google skillz (or PHP skillz) than me could solve this, I will honor this hero on this site (yeah, great honor) and buy him or her a beer some day.

(Sidenote. When I manage to get a decent image plugin I’ll start posting images here. Until then you can browse my collection so far at .)

2 thoughts on “Plugins wanted – dead or alive”

  1. Du borde prata med Henrik för han har hittat/gjort nÄgra av pluginen du vill ha.

    Roligt att se bilder. NÄgra av dem, med skyskrapor och himmel, var verkligen jÀttelÀckra!

  2. Jag letar sjÀlv efter ett enkelt bild-plugin, sÄ sÀg till om du hittar nÄgot du blir nöjd med.

    AngÄende visa var saker hÀnder pÄ en karta har jag ju börjat jobba pÄ ett sÄdant plugin. Det fungerar redan hjÀlpligt (se ), men det behöver göras lite mer anvÀndarvÀnligt.

    Jag hittade ett ganska bra vÀderplugin pÄ, men det verkade som om den ibland rapporterar fel vÀder. Vet inte riktigt var felet ligger dock.

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