iTunes silently not importing files

After using the simplest ever method for adding files to iTunes, I kind of forgot the whole importing thing – it’s automatic. But I recently reminded myself of the need to regularly check the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder for any files that were rejected.

What I saw was that more than 15 MP3-files had not been imported. I tested them and they played fine on VLC, even in QuickTime Player. But in spite of trying all possibilities of adding them to iTunes, they were ignored. Weird.

Something in the files made iTunes throw up. I never figured out what, but I figured out a solution. I went to Mac App Store and downloaded Music Converter (free version). When I drag and drop an audio file onto it, it will do any necessary conversion and send it to iTunes. It can even make Apple Lossless, FLAC, etc! In this case, the conversion was instantaneous, hinting at there was something in the MP3 container or ID3 tags that were wrong (rather than a more time consuming codec conversion / transcoding), but that Music Converter could fix. Now all my songs are imported in iTunes!

How to batch delete multiple imported photos off the iPad in Mac / OS X

One of life’s small problems – I have imported some 500 RAW photos to my iPad from my dSLR (using Camera Connection Kit), but this takes loads of space on the iPad. You can delete photos using the Photos app on the iPad, but it is very slow for larger number of photos.

The solution? Open “Image Capture” on OS X, simple mark all photos and press delete. Be careful though, it will be able to delete everything from the Camera Roll, so especially if you have an iPad 2 (with built in camera), be careful not to delete those photos.

A small performance tip – do not have the iPad Photos app open at the same time you do this, it will slow things down a lot or even crash the iPad.