Asia Game Show

In spite of having pressing deadlines, I decided on an impulse to join Ryan for the Asia Game Show. The show, taking place at the Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai, was mostly a big display for Sony – it seems like they are gathering some more hype around the PS3 now than previously. There were plenty of gaming booths – approximately 30-40 PS3 booths, if not more, and lots of PSPs too. That was not, however, the main attraction. The main attraction were the many models wandering around with a crowd of photographers. Their job were, of course, to bring attention to different shops and booths at the expo, but people were too busy taking photos to buy much :) Still, I bough Restistance: Fall of man (a great PS3 FPS-game!), the movie Underworld in Blu-ray (so I have something to test on the PS3) and some gadgets. There were plenty of dirt cheap gadgets. The memory cards were especially cheap – 1 GB for 89 HKD / 9 Euro / 80 SEK.

Now, I will let the photos speak for themselves. Take a look at the complete Flickr photo set, or take a peek at some of the photos to the left.

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