Let’s play

Let's Play!

Need I say more? Now, how am I going to find time for that paper I have to write within the week…

UPDATE Absolute first impressions are:

  • It’s heavy, but good looking. Fingerprint prone.
  • Gorgeus interface and buttons.
  • Somewhat hard to navigate inside games – not self-evident how to exit a game, for example. Note that I have no previous Playstation or PSP experience.
  • Really good graphics, but the current TV is really crappy.
  • Using the controller for other things than racing is impossible :) It was hilarious trying to fight my friend Max’ robot in Gundam, nobody could control them and were just fumbling around.
  • The packaged games were not really heart-stopping, I hope I can get my hands on Resistance: Fall of Man soon! Although I don’t look forward to a first-person shooter with hand control :p .

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