Apple, please save me

I have been yipping a whole lot about Mac before, more specifically about the MacBook Pro. Now, with barely three weeks left in Hong Kong, I have never been more close to buying one – which puts me into some trouble; will it be delivered in time and what should I do with my existing laptop?

A few weeks ago I had more or less decided not to buy one, at least not until the lifespan of my current laptop had passed. But my laptop (a Z60m) seem to have made up its mind for me. The last weeks it has been making trouble constantly, and this is on a system I re-installed in August. Programs crash more often than not, things are always slow (I kind of wonder what is being done with all those megahertz), processor load randomly go up to 100%, the battery time is useless even though I never really disconnect the power and I sit here wishing I had programs like iPhoto.

An important factor is that my room mate finally bought one a few weeks ago (after nagging me to buy one for more than a year!). It seems to run very smoothly, and while my laptop shuts down randomly when gaming, and delivering decent but not wonderful performance, he’s complaining he can’t set the graphics settings higher in the games. What makes these big differences between Windows and OS X baffles me, and I start to understand all those Mac evangelists.

I am ready to do the switch, but I am afraid it is more out of frustration with Windows and PCs in general rather than actual interest in OS X. Even though MacBooks are much cheaper here in HK than Europe, they are still expensive, more expensive than most PC laptops. It is not ecomonically sound to buy a new computer when I, according to all standards, already have a new computer (one that I thought would solve all my problems when I bought it a little more than a year ago). Put differently – I am wasting a lot of money into electronics that never seem to fully please me!

I guess I have to make my decision in the coming days. What should it be?

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  1. Fint! Och alltid roligt med omväxling =) Den övre bilden skulle möjligtvis kunna vara lite mindre (på höjden)..? Eventuellt kan du ju göra så att den sträcker sig över hela sidan i sidled, så att man slipper störa sig på hur kolumnerna ligger i förhållande till den… Kanske. =)

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