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Many people prefer sites such as Youtube or Metacafe over Google Video, but Google offers something the others aren’t: upload of (infintely?) long movies, and direct download of movies for iPod or desktop computers. These features makes Google Video a great place to find longer movies or tv-shows for those long flights or cross country train rides. What is especially useful for those with iPods is that you won’t have to go through the lengthy and troublesome process of converting the movies to iPod-format – Google will serve you with the right format (just click Download for Video iPod/Sony PSP).

I compiled a little list of more than 15 longer movies I found on Google Video and downloaded for my iPod
(note: Some of these videos might or might not be copyrighted, and could subsequently be taken down, and/or be less than legal to download):

  • New! Hitler Speaks (46 min), a documentary based on film recorded privately by Adolf Hitler or Eva Braun. The films were previously silent bu leading edge lip reading software has enabled German experts to re-voice them, providing a chilling insight into Hitlers private world.
  • New! Iraq: The Hidden Story (48 min), a Channel 4 documentary about Iraq.
  • Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (1 hr 43 min) – a hilarious, yet somewhat silly, parody film of Star Trek, which makes a fantastic effort in special effect and other areas, in spite of having a minimal budget. The movie might be more funny if you have a connection to Scandinavia 😉
  • Tetris – From Russia with Love (58 min), a BBC documentary on the creation of the legendary game Tetris, with some early game industry history thrown in for good measure.
  • Will Wright and the game Spore (39 min). A presentation of the very original game Spore. Features Robin Williams in the end!
  • On the Edge (52 min), a great Blade Runner documentary from Channel 4 that is a must see for any cyberpunk/sci-fi fans.
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1 hr 30 min), a classic nerd movie from 1984, now being remade for release in 2007. Read more at IMDB.
  • Pixar’s Cars. Yes, it was online for some time, but when I saw it referenced in, for example national Swedish media and, the movie was quickly taken down. Luckily, I was fast enough 😉
  • Rammstein Live in Berlin -98 (1 hr 31 min). There is nothing like Rammstein live!
  • The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (1 hr 11 min). If you like Mr. Bean, here is all of it in one package for you!
  • Warriors of the French Foreign Legion (50 min), an interesting documentary on the French Foreign Legion.
  • The Story of One, (59 min) a witty Terry Jones documentary from BBC about the history of numbers.
  • The Doomsday Code (1 hr 41 min), a Channel 4 documentary that takes a spin on the Da Vinci Code hysteria.
  • Richest People of the Middle East (45 min), a Discovery documentary that happens to have Swedish subtitles. Interesting!
  • Nosferatu, (1 hr 24 min), a famous silent Dracula-movie from 1922, a true horror classic. Read more at IMDB.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968), (1 hr 35 min). A classic horror flick, which I personally don’t really like, but I know many others do. Read more at IMDB.
  • Vampire Hunter, (1 hr 42 min), full anime movie (with not-so-good sound quality). I have yet to see all of it, but the artistic quality is good!
  • Ricky Gervaise faux Microsoft training video, (20 min). Famously leaked, intentionally or not, from Microsoft. If you like The Office, you’ll like this. Oh, I don’t mean MS Office 😉
  • Ghostrider – The Final Ride (53 min) – one of those getaway movies where people drive like crazy, in this case driving a motorcycle like crazy through Stockholm. Not really my cup of tea, but I throw it in here at the end of the list as a bonus.

If this is not enough, there is a load of different documentaries on Google Video. Try this search! But be aware, many documentaries are either anti/pro-religion, anti/pro-bush or just wacky conspiracy “documentaries”. I guess the lesson is: don’t believe everything you see on Google Video. Happy iPodding!

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