Take heed – stark warning on climate

I usually don\’t quote news sources, but maybe I should begin. World climate, or more specifically, the global catastrophe we are heading for, have been on my mind since I recently watched The Inconvenient Truth, a very disturbing but also biased movie by Al Gore. (Watch it – I promise, you need to do that).

As for the news quoting: BBC just released news about a report on world climate by sir Nicholas Stern. Sir Stern is not an environmental buff – he is a \”distinguished development economist and former chief economist at the World Bank\”, and he is not a person to exaggerate the threat, pr as BBC puts it, \”not a man given to hyperbole\”.

Go ahead, read the news. Or let me quote selected parts for you:

[…] he says \”our actions over the coming few decades could create risks of major disruption to economic and social activity, later in this century and in the next, on a scale similar to those associated with the great wars and the economic depression of the first half of the 20th Century\”.

he warns that we are too late to prevent any deleterious consequences from climate change.

Further down:

How do we start to pay a price for carbon that reflects its true economic and social costs, or a price that includes the present value of future climate change?

And one of the answers given, which I personally support, is:

through rationing the amount of carbon emissions that any business – or any individual – can make, and then creating a proper global market.

I will round off with my own thoughts on the topic. I have since long been aware, some might choose to call it \”persuaded\”, that the environment is deteriorating in an exponential fashion – i.e. it will get worse, faster and faster. An Inconvenient Truth makes this trend painfully obvious, but most source material agree – you can look it up yourself. The trend is exponential – and anyone with only a limited background in science knows this will cause big change.

By now, I am fully prepared that within my life span, the environment will be the worst enemy of man (well, the man is seemingly the worst enemy to the environment, so it only seems fair, doesn\’t it?). The sea levels will rise, every part of the world will see severe climate change. It is, by any measurement, the largest catastrophe in human history. I hope I am wrong but in the end it all boils down to this: when there is signs showing a similar catastrophe, even though nothing might be proven – it is just plain stupid not to take precautions. If a scientist told you that an earthquake is coming – would you refuse to believe him until he can convince both you and the whole science community, or will you, just in case, take precautions? Denying climate change is pure stupidity – the debate is how we should deal with it, not if.

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