No to GST

So far I haven’t gotten myself into HK politics – or what you might call it. Now the HK great leader and Beijing messenger Donald Tsang is on his way to impose a new law on Hong Kong, a law called GST, or Goods and Services Tax. I can admit I have not studied the details, but as I’ve understood it, it will do the following simple things: add a tax to sold goods in Hong Kong (increasing the prices), and in the same time lower the income tax. This might sound as a perfectly normal shifting of taxes, but it has only bad sides. Higher prices will have a negative affect on tourism, but it will also make living more expensive for the poor, while people with higher salaries – that consume more – won’t really be affected. So, it’s a unique tax that is both bad to business and poor people – usually it’s just one or the other.

I usually don’t sign petitions, but this time it might be worth a try – petitions and demonstrations is as far Hong Kong democracy goes at the moment. You can find the petition here, and the guy brining this up, BigWhiteGuy, here. Sign it, and spread the word.

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