Roaming in Singapore

100_1064 (This post will be updated as time goes on, because due to time restraint, slow internet and other reasons I can’t write completed posts every time)

I’m sitting here at a internet center at Bugis, the cheap and chic almost-central shopping area of Singapore. We have just browsed through the Sim Lim Square IT-mall with a really good assortment of IT stuff. Some prices are even better than Hong Kong, but in general it’s the same.The Esplanade

So far Singapore hasn’t impressed me overly. Far less skyscrapers than Hong Kong, more humid, not as clean as I thought, etc. Probably I just had high expectations, but right now, I can only say Singapore is nice but I prefer Hong Kong any day of the week. Tree at Fort Canning A plus with Singapore is that it’s so green and lush in the streets with lots of trees and small parks. This is a luxury not afforded in Hong Kong. I also like the food so far in Singapore, although I’ve mostly avoided the chinese food which probably is the same as in HK.

Take a look at the gallery for some pictures. The internet center I’m at the m0ment has really slow computers and low bandwidth, so this is all I can produce for now… tomorrow we will be heading to Malaysia, destination so far unknown. Either Kuala Lumpur or some relaxing island…Roti Prata Breakfast

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  1. Många nya fina bilder =)
    Självklart är jag tvungen att kommentera din “trilobit”. Den heter dolksvans på svenska (ett äldre namn är kungskrabba, men den är ingen krabba). Horseshoe crab på engelska och Limulus polyphemus på latin. Det fanns en bild på en sådan i en gammal “Så funkar..”-bok som jag läste när jag var liten. Har alltid velat se en sådan. *avudnsjuk* 😉

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