Merry Christmas!

Me and Shirley And, in Swedish, “God Jul!”. This is just a short post before I head out to town for some dinner, beer drinking and similar. I wish all you guys a really, merry christmas. I’m a bit envious for those of you that can spend it in Sweden with a real christmas tree, hopefully some snow, julskinka (christmas ham) and glögg (no translation :) ).

Times Square Christmas treeThe christmas here in Hong Kong is very different. I would dare to say that no one has seen christmas before seeing it in Hong Kong – here they build enormous christmas trees and displays in every shopping mall, they dress walking arcades in cloth, they light up most skyscrapers into enormous, blinking christmas greetings and the amount of people christmas shopping is just staggering. But in the same time, it’s 21 degree Celsius outside, nice, clear and sunny!

I know some of you got christmas cards from me (or are waiting for them). For those of you who didn’t receive one and consider yourself worthy of one – I’m very sorry, I’ll send you a card next year if you send me your address :) And thanks for those of you who also sent me a card!

Finally, christmas presents. For my part, I haven’t received any typical christmas present and I don’t plan do either, as well as I don’t plan to giving many. I have already received the best christmas present I could get – my wonderful girfriend Shirley whom I met one week before christmas:


And after christmas my family will arrive and add a little real christmas feeling, hopefully. I’ll probably write a post before the new year to outline my plans and thoughts of the year of 2006. Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Paketen är inslagna, granen är klädd, bordet är dukat och jag håller på och viker servetter. Snart är det Kalle Anka och därefter julbord =)
    God Jul! =D

  2. God jul! :-)

    After trying to find a word for “glögg” in English myself; “gluwein” (sp?) works well with most Europeans, and apparently “mulled wine” is a correct but not very well know English translation.

    Anyway, congrats to you and your newly found girlfriend. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. hi!!!
    How are you??
    maybe you don’t remember me but im diana from portugal. i stayed in your house last year trought hospitality club!!!

    it’s very nice that you are happy in hong kong! i’ve just discover your blog today so i didn’t have time to read the rest. just the last post!!

    i wish you the best for 2006!!

    and i love glögg
    if is the same as in finland!!

  4. Hi Diana! I remember you very well, so nice to hear from you! I think I misplaced your email adress :(, but now I have it again 😀 I think glögg is the same as in Finland.. I hope you and Sandy have a nice new year in Portugal!

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