The plague, oh the plague

Yes, I’m sick. Ill. Cursed. It started somewhere around friday and has now evolved into a very soar throat, head ache, problems sleeping and general exhaustion. This has not only forced me to miss several social occasions here, it has also removed all kind of motivation for stuff I’d planned to do. So forgive me, dear readers, if the blog seems dead. It is merely a reflection of myself (that is, almost dead 😉 ).

And no, it’s not SARS I’ve got. Probably just a cold – some say it’s an air-conditioner cold (because of the big differences in temperature and air humidity between the outside and the air-conditioned areas). I dunno. I just hope it will disappear ASAP.

When I regain my blogging powers I can promise a post about my room and roomates, as well as a post about a shopping trip to mainland China – Shenzhen.

3 thoughts on “The plague, oh the plague”

  1. What have you done in Shenzhen? It could be dangerous if you caught cold after coming back from mainland – suggest you go check out in the university clinic and tell the doctor you’ve been to mainland. It’s just for safety sake and help protect yourself especially that you have not been exposed to such living environment before…

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