Beautifully yours

Blogs have a constant pressure on looking good (as opposed to bloggers themselves?). I feel this pressure too, although very few have visited this blog as of today. Unfortunately, I lack both the time, the knowledge and the inspiration to further polish the theme. I’d go for a somewhat darker, more graphical theme based on surgical instruments or something other similarily strange.

Well, I have to concede that the blog will act as the ugly duckling for some time and I will try to concentrate on serving some sort of content instead (a quest far from fulfilled at the moment). I just want to promise that some day, in a galaxy far, far away, even this blog will look good.

1 thought on “Beautifully yours”

  1. Wow! Det var en annorlunda sida av dig man fick se genom att läsa här, jämfört med att träffa dig i skolan =) Och jag är mycket imponerad av din engelska! Se bara till att du inte sliter ut din bloggnings-inspiration redan innan du kommit iväg 😉
    I’ll be back! *kram*

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