Scotland the brave

I’m sitting here on my balcony, listening to the birds and keeping one eye… no, almost two eyes on my cat Leo, who is trying to find a way out of my apartment. I’m afraid I can’t trust that Leo won’t try to make a two-story jump to get out, so I’ll have to be perceptive…

It’s the same every time I have to go away for a couple of days. I have to keep Leo in before the trip, to make sure that I can bring him with me when the trip is due, or to make sure he stays inside. And Leo is an extremely impatient little cat, who thinks it is considered torture to be kept inside for more than a couple of hours. So I find myself accompanied of constant meows from this restless little soul.

So where am I going? To Scotland, with my family. Actually, I have no idea what we will do there, other than “see Scotland”. I’m very unprepared, I haven’t packed and I haven’t focused my mind on being somewhere else than home. We’ll have to see how it turns out. Maybe I’ll find some public networks to roam, maybe not. I’ll try to be really creative, in any case. And maybe report here when I get back.

Now I’m trying to tie some things together before the trip, mainly programming. Programming of NoGo, programming WordPress, doing this, doing that. I’m not a big fan of programming really, but I’m glad that I know how to do it and I get even more glad when I actually manages to solve a problem with my knowledge. But programming everyday? I dunno…

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